Our Story...

 It all begin with a simple meeting at church....

We were planning an upcoming conference, and it was suggested that we work together to create the design concept. Once we started talking and sharing our passion for fabulous events, we knew we had to mesh our creative skills together to start a new journey. 

We chose the name Whitney London Events after our 2 beautiful daughters Whitney ( Alisa's Daughter) and London ( Equasta's daughter).

With Equasta focusing on the Event Management and Alisa focusing on the Creative Design, events are covered from all angles. 

We have turned our intense passion for event design, organization, and small details into something we can feel good about and make other people happy. That’s why we are in this business, to make clients smile and alleviate the stress of planning an event.  We absolutely love seeing the looks on client’s faces when our work and thoughts exceed their expectations. So let us do that for you. Let us turn your special event concept into a reality.

If you are unsure of what you want, we can figure that out as well. We offer free consultations, so call us today so we can begin planning your event!

Dallas/ Ft. Worth: 214.529.4441

E. White


She is from and currently resides in Dallas, Texas.  She formerly resided in Chicago for the past 8 years travelling between the 2 cities frequently to plan various events. She has an amazing husband and 2 kiddos. 

She currently serves as one of the Special Events Coordinators for One Community Church in Plano, TX.

She has planned intimate affairs and events for 50 guests to more elaborate weddings & events for 300+ guests over the past 8+years. Equasta  has a diverse background having lived in four cities on various coasts in the US. Her passion for travel, cuisine, history and decor of different cultures are essential elements she includes in the planning process. She enjoys helping clients personalize their events by gathering details using their background, culture, careers and things that inspire them. 

She utilizes her B.S. in Psychology, Masters of Business Management and Corporate experience to strategically manage vendors, client demands and the complex life-cycle of an event.  She is an active member of the Project Management Institute with formal Project Management training/ experience. This approach is utilized for all events to ensure that nothing is overlooked and risks can be minimized and avoided.

She loves showing “Southern Hospitality” to clients, and their event vendors. In her leisure time, she enjoys travelling abroad, studying historical cultures, playing "The Sims" and serving the community.

Alisa B.


Alisa is from New Mexico and currently resides in Dallas, TX. She has specialized in interior design, bridal consulting, antique selling & restoration and event planning for 15+ years. 

Her passion and creativity is clearly displayed through her innovative event design, craft projects, and décor concept development. She utilizes this unique combination of skills to translate complex client desires and thoughts into a scalable event design.

She is wife to 1 Hubster. Mom to 4 young adults who have flown the coop (but come home for a home cooked meal now and again), mom-in-love to 1 sweet pastor, Lolly to 1 grand-sugar and resident food truck to 2 mischievous pups.

She currently serves as one of the Special Events Coordinators for One Community Church in Plano, TX.

She enjoys crafting,antiquing and a well placed monogram. Her heart beats a little faster when she sees a skirted farmhouse sink, a new decorating magazine in the mailbox and blue & white transfer ware.

Check out her super cool blog @ Hospitable Pursuits .