Kate spade inspired....

Was digging around and found this image of some work we did recently.  This concept was inspired by Kate Spade patterns by our innovative in house designer Alisa B. @househospitable

We aren't florists but we dibble and dabble in a little bit of everything...



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Preferred Vendor spotlight: DjRizEntertainment..

Spotlight on Whitney London Events preferred vendors  Week 2: Let us introduce you to our preferred DJ's - DJRizEnt

These guys have been in the Dallas-Fort Worth event scene for over 20 years making events/weddings a success. They are comprised of a team of 6 DJ's that have specific styles from Dance/EDM, Top 40, Hip Hop/R&B, Bollywood, etc. 

Not only do they customize your music for your event,  they do so much more! They have unique uplighting options, projectors and screens, video mixing ( to show music videos while the music is playing), monograms, dry ice ( for grand entrances/first dances) and they use professional dj facades.

We recommend all of our clients to them because of their unmatched  professionalism and creative event setup & design. We can't wait for our upcoming summer wedding with them in McKinney!

Check them out. They have cool videos and tons of pics... Photo credits: Edmonson Photography




Facebook: /DjRizEntertainment/

Instagram: @djrizent

We can help you plan your next wedding/event/ party... contact us. .. www.whitneylondonevents.com 

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Spotlight on our preferred vendors: Hurley and Ramos Photography

Starting this week we will introduce you to our preferred vendors.

First up, we want to tell you about Hurley and Ramos Photography and Omar Ramos Photography.  We have had the pleasure of observing them capture priceless memories for both our clients and personally. The professionalism is unmatched and their photography style is captivating. We will post several pictures to highlight the amazing work that they do.

This image was captured of our client by Hurley-Ramos at the fabulous Downtown Dallas venue "The Room on Main". We did the decor and event management for this stunning  wedding.

So if you have an upcoming wedding, event, or need some professional headshots or photos for your modeling portfolio, you need to check them out... For Weddings/Engagements/Events check out:


Instagram: @hurleyandramoswedding


Twitter: @HurleyandRamos

For Headshots/Modeling Portfolios check out their other site


Instagram: @photosbyomar

Twitter: @OmarRamosPhotog

Facebook: /omarramosphotography

Photo Credits: Hurley and Ramos /Omar Ramos Photography 

Photos shared courtesy of #thetraylorwedding & @lacedinpearls

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We can do the same for you...


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Haute Trend Alert for 2016: Food Trucks!

So we have been scoping this trend for a few years and this year is anticipated to have lots of events/weddings catered by Food trucks in the DFW area. 

 We think it is so cool to add this is non-traditional and whimsical method to serve your guests meal, snacks or dessert.  

 Lots of these Food trucks are serving artisan, craft inspired food that is locally sourced, or even farm to table.  Even the Event décor is incorporated around the food truck theme.

The cost may be the same or less,  and it creates an "experience "for your guests rather than the typical event/wedding format!

Don't be afraid to think outside the box! 

If you need to talk through your plans for your upcoming event, contact us today! 

Happy Food Trucking! 

 ~Whitney London Events


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Haute Tip #4 : If you are venue hunting, take an event/wedding planner with you.

Haute Tip #4 : If you are venue hunting, take an event/wedding planner with you.  Don't make impulsive decisions, give yourself time to think through it for the remainder of the day.  Avoid signing any contracts/ deposits that day. Get back to them the next business day.  They can wait.

There are exceptions to those words of advice.  If you are in a serious time crunch, you may have to.  But so many times I have worked with brides/clients  who pick a place prior to contracting with me,  and after talking to them I discover they made impulsive decisions and could have gotten more bang for their buck by researching other options. Trust your gut instinct , if you and your fiancée / business partner adore it and know that it has what you are looking for, go for it.  But I still say there's nothing wrong with sleeping on it... 

If you need some guidance in upcoming venue hunting, call us we would love to help you make the most informed decision to make you event everything you dreamed of.

Happy Planning! 



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Haute Tip #3: Be sure that your event venue gives adequate time for setup, breakdown and of course, FUN!

When you find a venue,  you're like super excited. You can literally see the party /wedding happening  in your head.  You envision everything running smoothly, people racing about how awesome your party is. What you don't see is all the work it takes to setup, breakdown the event and that must be considered as part of that time frame the event venue gives you.  Let me explain...

Most event venues give you an average of 6-8 hours to setup, breakdown and most importantly hosting the actual event. Depending on the scale of your event, amount of decor to be setup you may need more time than the venue gives. They usually allow you to purchase extra time for setup/breakdown but sometimes the costs are quite expensive. So this could make the difference between you selecting that venue or another that offers more time or bells and whistles that you want.

Also the vendors may charge you more for them having to hire additional staff to setup your event if you decide to stick with the time frame the venue allows. Here is our suggested time allotment for your event/wedding:

Setup: 2-3 hours 

Event: 2-4 hours

Breakdown: 1-2 hours 

This is why you need to contract with an event/wedding planner as early as possible to make the best planning decisiona possible so you can really enjoy the event you ( or your parents ) just shelled out tons of money for. :-)

If you need a professional planner for your next event,  contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Happy Planning! 

 ~Whitney London Events


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Haute Tip #2 : Don't assume anything when hiring an event/ wedding planner..

I have run into lots of people who already have a planner and after talking to them there are things they never even knew to talk to the planner about and the planner isn't bringing it up because it's not a part of their "package" you contracted with them.  

Lots of companies offer "Day of Coordination"  packages and often brides/clients try to save money by paying for that instead of what they really need which is full coordination for the day of the event because they already put the bulk of the budget in the venue/catering, etc.,

You need to ask yourself, "Does this package /agreement really cover all that I need managed for my event to be a total success? "

A seasoned Event/Wedding Manager will not only show you what they will do for you, but they will also show you what you never even considered as potential risks that could overshadow the beauty of your event.

So before contracting with a Day of EventCoordinator ", look through their contract in detailand ask them some of these questions :

- Do you break down the decorafter my wedding/event?

- How do you handle the logistics of pickup so you can setup personal event items relating to the event (i.e. guest books, favors,  decor, floral )

-Do you setup decor for my event or are you just coordinating the schedule and event management?

if the agreement isn't covering all that you need, you may seriously need to consider getting full coordination, otherwise you will pay monetarily and with unnecessary stress to yourself, family, colleagues and friends. Allow yourself peace of mind so you and everyone else can enjoy themselves....

We would love to help you plan the event to meet your specific needs.

Happy planning!

~Whitney London Events

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The 2016 Weddings are almost here!!!

Are you a 2016 Bride? Are you using Pinterest, blogs, etc., and telling yourself you have things under control?

Well I bet if we talked to you for 10 minutes we could find holes in your wedding plans that you never even thought of. Yeah, all the essentials like bridal party selection, colors, your dress, venue, photographer have been discussed. But there is so much looming out there that if you are taking the cost efficient route of DIY planning or only hiring a Day of Coordinator will never be discussed.

Often times I have encountered brides who have already done some planning on their own but by the time they come to me for advice, money has been appropriated in the wrong places and you then run into frustration as time progresses because you see things you want to incorporate into the wedding but maybe the budget doesn't allow for it. For example, if you put the bulk of your money in the venue/catering, you may not leave enough room for decor and other essentials that are critical to a successful wedding. :

 To avoid some of this unnecessary frustration, contact a professional wedding/ event planner as quickly as possible. They know things you would never think to think through in detail. 

Whitney London Events would love to help you stay on track and plan efficiently and maximize your budget.  Call us...

Whitney London Events
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