Haute Trend Alert for 2016: Food Trucks!

So we have been scoping this trend for a few years and this year is anticipated to have lots of events/weddings catered by Food trucks in the DFW area. 

 We think it is so cool to add this is non-traditional and whimsical method to serve your guests meal, snacks or dessert.  

 Lots of these Food trucks are serving artisan, craft inspired food that is locally sourced, or even farm to table.  Even the Event décor is incorporated around the food truck theme.

The cost may be the same or less,  and it creates an "experience "for your guests rather than the typical event/wedding format!

Don't be afraid to think outside the box! 

If you need to talk through your plans for your upcoming event, contact us today! 

Happy Food Trucking! 

 ~Whitney London Events


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