The 2016 Weddings are almost here!!!

Are you a 2016 Bride? Are you using Pinterest, blogs, etc., and telling yourself you have things under control?

Well I bet if we talked to you for 10 minutes we could find holes in your wedding plans that you never even thought of. Yeah, all the essentials like bridal party selection, colors, your dress, venue, photographer have been discussed. But there is so much looming out there that if you are taking the cost efficient route of DIY planning or only hiring a Day of Coordinator will never be discussed.

Often times I have encountered brides who have already done some planning on their own but by the time they come to me for advice, money has been appropriated in the wrong places and you then run into frustration as time progresses because you see things you want to incorporate into the wedding but maybe the budget doesn't allow for it. For example, if you put the bulk of your money in the venue/catering, you may not leave enough room for decor and other essentials that are critical to a successful wedding. :

 To avoid some of this unnecessary frustration, contact a professional wedding/ event planner as quickly as possible. They know things you would never think to think through in detail. 

Whitney London Events would love to help you stay on track and plan efficiently and maximize your budget.  Call us...

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